Bang Bang Bangor was my attempt to capture the identity of Bangor and its surrounding area as an intern at the Bangor Daily News. Maine is a state caught between what is oftentimes described as a nostalgia for its past and a disdain for its future. Using instagram and twitter, I wanted to explore and interpret these conflicting identities through a combination of photo, text and audio. More posts can be viewed at

"The formal wear at House of Brides is to die for" – display glass bullet hole 
House of Brides, downtown Bangor

When a tree falls in the North Woods it doesn't make a sound. You can't hear it over the paper mills.
Aroostook county

blues hands

Ed’s got the went-to-a-friend’s-house-and-blacked-out-then-woke-up-in-the-hospital-with-busted-knuckles Blues.
In a parking deck on Hammond Street, Bangor

Arraign delay.
Kennebec County Courthouse


The police told Jay he can't panhandle here. The police told Jay he can't panhandle there. Frustrated, Jay just wants bus fare to go somewhere else. 
Central Street, Bangor


"What do you want?!" screamed the state of Maine to the town of Atkinson. Atkinson whispered, "to no longer exist," it’s voice carried off by the wind.
Old schoolhouse in Atkinson

image (3).jpeg

There are no directions to the Eagle Lake sled dog race. Just keep going till you hear the husky howls, they say.
Eagle Lake


Releasing balloons to honor slain Glenburn teen Nichole Cable was a symbolic gesture. Watching some of them fall to the ground was a bitter reality. 
Behind the Glenburn Fire Department